Tuesday, 27 November 2007


We all love and have read C.S. Lewis' book The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, but Brady and I experienced it. The Merton Winter Ball was on Saturday and as you have guessed the theme was Narnia. We literally walked into a forest filled with the Light Post, The White Witch, Tumis(?), and all the creatures of Narnia. It was breath taking! They had fog coming up from the trees and ice sculptures of the castle. Sadly we left our camera in the cab on the way home but Danalisa was kind enough to send me her pictures. There were food booths set up everywhere and three large tents that had different bands or DJs playing all night. The Merton Dining Hall was decorated beautifully. It was were the hot drinks were kept, so you can imagine the line up, but it was worth the wait. The only let down of the night was that the hot air balloon was canceled. Thanks to Eisha for watching Millie for us! There was no way be could have stayed out so late if you hadn't help. Thanks!

A&B after we just entered. I promise I curled my hair, but it rained on us waiting to come in so my once curled hair turned flat. Brady on the other hand looked so handsome! Don't you agree?

Fireworks over the college walls. They were so amazing and like none I had ever seen.

Sven, Tony, Jodi, Oliver, Gareth, and Christie. The Narnia Creatures are in the background.

The White Witch

Danalisa and Me getting our groove on. It's been so long since I've been dancing it was hard for me not to return to my "mommy" dancing (aka dorky dancing).

They had the Oldest Helter Skelter slide ever made and it was extremely random for a White Tie Ball, but still fun. You had to ride down on a mat just like the banana slide at the fair. It was pretty funny.



codie said...

Boy isn't it fun to get dressed up and go out with "big people"

Princess P said...

Your dress is beautiful and I like your hair. Wispy is cute too.

Mike and Me said...

Oh my where do I start? first of all you both looked absolutly beautiful! What fun!!!!!!!!! I love the "face" that is my little girls dancing face, it's my favorite. Your dress was so cute, your husband wasn't bad either if I so say so myself. Oh how happy we are you get to experience all of these wonderful things and yes of course there is a little green eyed monster in us too, but we try to keep her under control.

Mike and Me said...
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Duchess said...

wow, that looks amazing. The Duke and I've never attended my program's "ball." Although, I'm sure it's nothing like that, or I would have heard about it.

You looked lovely. Sounds like a great evening.

Heidi said...

That night sounds amazing- I would have loved to experience Narnia ;-). And nice to dress up and go out with your hubby!

lindsay Roscoe said...

You found your camera? You looked so beautiful and Brady looked very handsome! MY favorite pic is the one with you going down the slide, I can just hear your laugh and it made me smile. Love you

Mike and Me said...

I have to agree you both look like the beautiful people the only thing missing are the constant flashes from the camaras. Well they just don't know about you