Monday, 19 November 2007


Danalisa watched Millie for me ALL day today so I could go on a tour with the Newcomers Club. It was so sweet of her. We took a 45 minute bus ride into a little village in the Cotswold's called Burford. There is a lot of history there. I would tell you about it, but I don't remember to much from the tour (I really should take notes). We first toured through a priory where monks and nuns live. It is not open to the public and I felt very privileged to see it. Brother Stewart toured us through the Priory. He was so funny. I really had a lot of fun. Then we toured the church and it had original architecture dating back to 1175! It was fascinating and beautiful! I split from the whole tour group with a couple other girls I met on the bus. We ate at a cute little pub with mugs hanging from the ceiling and antlers on the walls. It reminded me of what TGI Fridays always wanted to be like. We sat by a roaring fire and talked about girl stuff. It was great! I love Millie, but it was nice to be able to have some adult time. We did some shopping and got tea and then it was time to head back to Oxford. I did find some great things there; I got lots of sweets, some Christmas stocking stuffers, homemade raspberry jam (the nuns at the priory made it), a darling little plant from the local florist and a postcard for my collection. It was a wonderful day and thanks again to Danalisa for taking such good care of my little princess.

Brother Stewart

A statue I thought was funny at on the Priory grounds

Their Chapel
Burford's Church of England

Me on the church grounds. I love the graves everywhere, they are so interesting to read.


Getting warm by the fire

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lindsay Roscoe said...

Other then Nancy coming I think for the first time I feel a little jealous. That looked AMAZING, what an expiernce! Honestly the back of the priory looks a bit like the flamms house to me, maybe it was the manicured trees. The pub looked so cool no ALL of it looked cool. Oo oh ya and the graves so fun that would have been a favorite too.

Princess P said...

You and Linds are both slightly morbid. Who loves graves, anyway? Or would use fun in the same sentence. You guys are silly.

Princess P said...

It looks awesome. Not the first time I have been jealous of your outings.

Heidi said...

Amanda you are seriously taking advantage of your time over there and I love reading about it. The Cotswolds are so charming!

Scott and Katie said...

I love reading your updates and seeing all the incredible things you are doing! I'm sure there are tons of opportunities to see so much history over there! I think that would be amazing. You look FABULOUS by the way! So cute and stylish too! I'm glad you are all doing well!

Mike and Me said...

The pub reminds me of a resturant in california that has cut off ties hang all over the place, from misguided tie wearers. Ties are not allowed. Also I had forgotten about another author James Herriot. He is a Veterinarian that lives and practices in England in a town named Darrowby. May not any more but he has written many books. The one I am reading now is Every Living Thing. They are wonderful books about is life as a Veterianian. I now you will love them. Love Dad

Danalisa said...

I love that picture of you by the fireplace! so cute! No need to thank have more than repaid the favor in watching Owen. I'm glad it was a good day!