Sunday, 18 November 2007

Nana's Here!

I can't believe Nancy has come and gone already. That was the fastest week of my life! Millie had so much fun with her Nana. It was great to see her and be able to show her what our life is like here in England.
Nancy arrived here Tuesday and she got settled in Millie's room and then we headed out to the market in the usual England rain. Luckily Millie feel asleep so we didn't have a screaming child (she HATES the rain cover). That night Millie opened a belated birthday present from her Aunt Carly. It was a giant Backyardagains coloring book. I don't think Millie had ever seen something so wonderful. Now she gets to color Pablo. What more could she ask for? Nancy all so gave Ms. Amelia a new Backyardagains character; Welcome Tasha the Hippo. Nancy was a trouper and although she had to be incredibly jetlaged she went out to Turf Tavern (a pub) with Brady to meet the Merton boys. Sadly Brady didn't take any pictures.
Wednesday we headed to our library for Singing Time. Two of the librarians lead the children in all sorts of different songs. Millie was a little unsure of it at first but by the time she was picked to pull an animal out of a sack for Old McDonald she couldn't have been happier. The picture below if Millie playing her instrument with Nana. So Cute.

Thursday Brady skipped his Finance class and we all headed to Warwick Castle. It was such a cool place. The castle is filled with wax figures depicting real people that lived in the castle or were associated with it. It was really neat to see it in that way. The castle is on 60 acres, but because we were short on time (Brady had to get back to his studies) we didn't wander the grounds too much. We did visit the Peacock Garden and it was beautiful. I counted over 20 real peacocks. It was amazing.

Note the frost. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

A section of the castle

Brady and Millie on top of one of the towers. We walked up so many steps my poor out of shape legs started cramping.

Friday Millie took Nana to her favorite park. We played all morning! Then when Millie fell asleep for her nap Nancy and I did some Christmas shopping. I can't tell you what we got, it would ruin the surprise! That night we had "supper" at Merton College. It was the first time they have ever allowed a child to enter their dinning hall. Pretty Cool!

(above)Nana and Millie at the Park

(below)Merton Dinning Hall. We had food in our mouths so no smiling for us.

Saturday Brady took the morning off and we toured Christ's Church. It was beautiful but I was bummed because the Dinning Hall wasn't open (that's were Hogwart's dining hall was filmed). Hopefully I'll see it next time. Then Brady and Nancy climbed a church tower while Millie and I waited down below. We had such a great week and we were so sad to say Goodbye to Nancy Sunday morning. Millie woke up and kept asking where her Nana went. She sure loves her Nana. Thanks Nancy for everything you do for us and for all your support. You raised a wonderful son! We love you and Miss you!

Nancy on the church tower


Mike and Me said...
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Mike and Me said...

What a cute Nanna! Millie is one lucky little girl to be loved so much by so many. Tell us WHY she was allowed into Merton Hall? just because she is so darned cute? I would let her in anywhere she wanted to go.
When I got your e-mail I couldn't get to your blog fast enough.. A Big UPDate can only mean one thing, Lets just say I was "expecting" some other news. DUH

Princess P said...

Carma, what's that supposed to mean? Now you've got me thinking. Amanda, it's so beautiful there. I hope you are soaking up every minute of it? Did you ever find a book to read? I finally caved on the twilight series pressure and, surprisingly, I love it. I feel like such a dork.

Heidi said...

Warwick Castle is cool I am glad you went there. I always thought ewax figures were cheesy but I guess it brings it to life. Oh and I love your boots.

The Yarn Queen said...

wow what a great place to be and so exciting to have Nancy there. I will ignore the remarks from dorky Mothers. But i did wonder why there hadn't been any children in Merton Hall. You'll have to at least give us that.

Danalisa said...

what a great post! I'm glad you had such a great week!

Amanda said...

Brady has a "Merton Mom" and she looks out for her family just like a real mom would. When she found out we had a little girl she started petioning right away for Millie to be allowed in the dining hall. It took a lot of work on her part, but it paid off. Millie is still not allowed to Formal Dinner (It's a little later in the evening and you have to dress up), but she can sit at Supper if she behaves herself. We took lots of treats to keep her in her chair!

Also, I am not prego and not planning on it, so don't get any more ideas.

Ashlie said...

Wow. Beautiful-as always.

lindsay Roscoe said...

We have alot of ideas can't we daydream?! It was mom that deleted her post and I have no idea where my post went. SAD! All of my clever comments lost all in one night. It looks like you all had a very fun weekend and Millie really looks happy. I can NOT WAIT to see you guys in Feb Millie will be so big by then. Oh ya you look vert beautiful inthe pic with your boots sweater and scarf, and skinny I think that walking is paying off even though you don't think so. Love you sister