Sunday, 22 April 2012

More Pics From 39 days

I'm not sure why half of my pictures didn't show up on the first post, but here are some more for your enjoyment. They are also in the wrong order, but I am really sick of blogger tonight. 

Grandpa reading, Thunder Cave to Miss Millie

 Uncle Adam came to shave his head too! 

 Love this picture. You can see how much Millie loves her daddy. 

 Oliver came to visit

 Silly Millie


Eisha said...

love the video

Grandma B said...
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Grandma B said...

I love Miss Millie! She is an amazing little girl that has great courage and faith. I am so sorry that she has had to go through this trial. Your family is an inspiration to all who know of Millie. I pray that Heavenly Father continues to strengthen you and send rich blessings to you all. My love, Janet Ballard