Sunday, 27 November 2011

What happens when we are stuck at home with low counts

SUPER COOL people come to visit, including SWOOP from the Utah Utes! He chased the kids all around and even gave Millie his squirt gun. I wasn't thrilled, but she was! It's her new favorite toy. THANK YOU SWOOP!!!

We wash Millie's hair in the sink when her port is accessed. It can't get wet.

We sing Thanksgiving songs.

We make homemade masks to go get a redbox.

Even Austin gets one.

We give LOTS of doses of antibiotic at all hours of the night.

We color, mostly on paper, but not always.

Our home health nurse, Dylan comes over a lot to test blood levels. He has become a permanent fixture in our home.
We make potions out of colorful rocks.

Even I got a turn to access Millie's port. I was terrified, but it went great. I was surprised that I had to push with so much force to get it in. Kind of freaked me out.

We play dress up.

We build things and make LOTS of crafts. Thanks Grandpa Jager for bringing the nails. She made a bird house and a couple stools.

Millie teaches Austin the piano.

Last but not least Brady and I FINALLY painted our front entryway and upstairs. We love it!

We have had a crazy couple of weeks, but we are grateful for all the love and support we have been shown. Millie being hospitalized took us completely by surprise and was a huge wake up call. Sometimes we forget how fragile Millie's immune system is since she is such a tough cookie. Millie's had a very hard time rebounding this time when her counts plummeted, but we have finally reached an ANC of 800 and she will restart her chemo tonight.

Blood Counts over the past week and a half:

11/10/11 ANC 300- normal clinic, cancel chemo and wait for counts to rise.

11/17/11 ANC 100- fever of 104, start antibiotic and fluids every 4 hours, hospitalized.

11/18/11 ANC 100- slight fever, continue antibiotic, stay at hospital again.

11/19/11 ANC 100- no fever, change antibiotic to every 8 hours, get to go home!

11/21/11 ANC 100, continue antibiotic every 4 hours

11/23//11 ANC 200, stop antibiotic, watch for fevers

11/28/11- ANC 800!!!! Amelia is good to go. Restart all chemo at a 50% dose, and retest in a week.

I am so proud of my Millie Bug. It has been very hard to be trapped in the house for so long, but she handled it very well most of the time.

Thank you again to everyone who called, brought meals, and came to visit. We love you!


Jim said...

We are thinking about you guys and praying for you. We'll keep our fingers crossed for nice and high ANCs as you resume chemo.

lea said...

They let you stop antibiotics with an ANC of only 200??? McKall will be 3 weeks neutropenic on Thursday and her ANC is 100 today... They told me I have to keep her on antibiotics (Fortaz)until her counts come up to 500. If you dont mind sharing...what antibiotics were you on, and what was the reasoning behind letting her go off the antibiotics?? Will you email me?? My email is THANK YOU!

Missy said...

She is one tough little girl! I'm so glad her counts are back up, what a relief.

Love the homemade masks. Cutest little gangsters ever.

Kristina said...

So glad Millie is doing better! And I have found my new favorite Thanksgiving song. You've got some great entertainers there!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! A girl At my schoolwas just diagnosed with the same cancer that Millie has. her name is Claire Driggs.
I just started a blog its called tomatoe soup for the teenage life.
i am sooooooooooooooooooooo clsd mills is doing better! maybe i can come and play with her this weekend! i love you guys!
love, cyndell

Grandpa said...

What is there to say damn it Alanda you make your Dad Cry smile and swear almost every time I read about my Little Mil Bug and Austin Mossten. What a Crew.

Love Grand Pa Jager

Elise said...

austin is adorable, and you can tell he wants to be just like his big sister. what a beautiful family. keeping you all in our prayers!