Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I can not believe another year has pasted and that my baby girl is 6! I am so proud of the person Amelia is. She is the most amazing, little thing. Amelia is being spotlighted at school this week because of her great behavior and I thought it would be fun to post her answers to her questionnaire here:

1. My favorite food... Macaroni

2. My favorite book... The Fire Cat

3. Something special about me... I'm Silly!

4. My favorite thing to do... Go Swimming

5. My favorite game... Connect 4

6. My favorite toy... Barbies

I am so glad I have been taking pictures of Millie every time she has a clinic appointment. I can not believe how much she has changed over this past year.

My little 5 year old is now 6!

Sadly, I don't have a picture for July. I forgot to take one :(


Jesse C said...

Happy Birthday Millie! Hope it is a great one!

Danalisa said...

Happy Birthday to Silly Milly!! Love and miss that little girl!

{autie} said...

she's such a doll! I sure wish we could play!! love you guys! happy bday Millie!

lindsay Roscoe said...

She is so wonderfully beautiful! We love her very much!