Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fun In The Sun

As summer has officially come to an end and the leaves are changing I wanted to post a couple pictures from the summer. I didn't do a lot of blogging because we were too busy playing hard or working hard, but it has been fabulous. Fall is my favorite season but I have to admit that I am sad to say goodbye to the warm nights.

(click to enlarge)

Here's just a couple highlights of the summer...

Watching Austin help Grandpa Jager build our fence was my favorite part of the whole summer

Longboarding down the driveway over and over again

Millie learned to ride her bike

Dance Performances

A lot of dress up

Fashion shows

Millie's giggle









It was a perfect.


Missy said...

Great post! I love the word waterfall. What a fun summer, your kids are so cute.

Ali said...

I love the expression on Brady's face while he watches Millie ride a bike. So great. Also, the Dan's grocery bags dress-ups... so funny!

Danalisa said...

GREAT post! Love the pics of the kids in the bag outfits. Also love the pic of her riding her bike! Go Millie.