Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer Update and Clinic June 2011

I have been horrible at blogging lately. I am so behind! Miss Millie has had quite a lot going on.

First of all we went to Lake Powell with the Flamm Clan. Millie LOVES Lake Powell she will talk about it all year until it's time to go again. We had such a great time with Millie. We decided to leave Austin at home for this trip because he is such a wild man. I missed him like crazy, we all did, but it was nice to get to spend some 1 on 1 time with Millie. She hadn't been herself the last couple weeks and it was nice to see her smile again. Leaving Austin back home also made Lake Powell a lot less stressful. I could just see him trying to sneak out every time the house boat door was left open. He is a sneaky little fella. Austin had a blast playing with the Petroff's and Cousin Sherry. Thank everyone for taking care of him. It was very reassuring to know that he was with people that loved him so much.

boating. sand castles. games. air chair. family. paddle board. swimming. lots of laughs.

Amelia was able to experience Summer Camp for the 1st time. I would have never thought it possible for me to feel comfortable sending Millie off to camp while she's still on chemotherapy treatments, but this camp is specifically for children with cancer. I am so grateful to Camp Hobe and all is amazing volunteers that made it possible for Millie and so many other children with life threatening illness to attend. Amelia loved every second of camp and she hasn't stopped talking about it since she got home early last week. THANK YOU CAMP HOBE. Sadly I didn't have my camera, but Millie has been tagged in some pics on facebook, so you'll have to check there if you'd like to see Camp Hobe pictures.

The next day after camp with had a HopeKids event that we wait all year for... The Princess Ball hosted by Cinderella herself. It was a magical night! She was able to ride in Cinderella's carriage, meet and take pictures with ALL the princesses, have a princess lesson on manners, and then dance the night away. Thank you HopeKids and to everyone else that made this amazing evening possible. Millie really did feel like a princess.

Ariel was my favorite of the night. She spent a lot of extra time with Millie and even sang with her! Millie was in heaven. Thank you Ariel!

The next day Amelia had clinic and I sent Brady with her since Austin was having a hard time since we left him for Lake Powell and Camp. She had been doing wonderfully and I thought it would be business as usual and I wasn't expecting any hiccups. Then I got a call from Brady that her ANC was only 300! That is so low and means she has little to no immune system. Her doctors took her off her 6MP and Methotrexate for now, but she still did a round of steroids (glad that's over) and will of course be continuing with her antibiotic, Septa.

It's been a long week spending the majority of our time at home and away from the outside world. We do not need a hospital stay and if she were to get sick with a low ANC they'd admit us, No Thank You. Although honestly I don't think Millie would mind. She likes staying at the hospital. She says she gets to ask for whatever she wants and usually she gets it.

It's now been a week since her clinic visit and she has 1 more to go before they will retest her blood levels and ANC. Usually after 7-10 days their counts come up but we won't know anything official until the 7th.

Thank you so much to everyone that has called, texted, or run something over for Millie and I. It has meant a lot to all of us. We are incredibly grateful for all your love and support.

Onto Millie's Hair
Amelia also wanted to show her hair in pig-tails since it's finally long enough. Not all of it fits, but close enough :)

Clinic Stats

Height: 107.5 cm (about 42 inches)

Weight: 18.7 kg (about 42 pounds)

ANC: 300


Miss Patti said...

Oh I hope that Ariel is singing the Little Mermaid song with her! She has sung that for me many times! How great for Millie! Hugs to all of you! I miss you!

Missy said...

Keep us updated! I hope her numbers come up soon!

Eisha said...

I had been wondering about you guys! so glad for the update!--Eisha

Danalisa said...

Thanks for the update! had been wondering. lots of good stuff in there! yeah! love the pigtails!

Briana said...

her hair is killing me! it is so beautiful!! and pigtails?! hooray!

what is it with all the low ANC's in maintenance lately? i swear... millie is like the fifth one in maintenance who just got back with a low ANC that i've heard of in the last week. i hope it comes up quick, so you guys can get out and enjoy the summer!

Emily said...

Love her pigtails:) She is so cute:) Your whole family continues to be in our prayers and thougts. You are inspiring with your strength.

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lindsay Roscoe said...

I heart rainbows and I LOVE MILLIE!!