Friday, 22 July 2011

i heart summer

Life has just been way to crazy to blog lately and I am soooo behind. I find myself saying that every time I post these days but it's the truth. I feel like I am always playing catchup. Summer as been just about perfect. We have been incredible busy and all in all Millie is doing well and so is Austin.

Here is a little of what we've been doing around here.....

Playing A LOT of dress up.

Jumping on our new FREE tramp that our neighbors gave us. THANK YOU!

Millie lost her 1st tooth while we were up at the Family Ranch over the July 4th holiday. She couldn't wait to tell her friend Melody from preschool.

We lit a ton of fireworks.

M: is for Millie

A: is for Austin and Amanda

Hanging around the house.

Singing and Dancing.

Cooking and more cooking for our bake sale to raise money for CureSearch. Thank you again to Tony Burger for donating all your proceeds to their walk and for allowing us to have a bake sale in front of your restaurant.

I blogged about it, I facebooked about it, and I told everyone I know about it, and you responded. THANK YOU SO MUCH for those of you that donated and came out to walk with TEAM AMELIA on July 9th. With your support we helped to raise over $72,000 and this was CureSearch 1st annual walk here in SLC, think of what we will be able to accomplish next year! I know this will be a family tradition for us and I hope it will be for you as well.

The Whole TEAM AMELIA (well most of it).

Angela Millie Zane

Roscoe Oliver Brady Jesse

Cyndell Amelia Brianna Lilly Kaylee

Our Fam

Amelia "Matilda Jane" Ellie
Jenni Dani Amanda

A very special THANK YOU to Jeremy Wilkins for designing our cool shirts for us.

More Summer posts coming soon, including Millie's July Clinic Update.


Kat said...

Happy Summer!!! It is a good thing to NOT have time to blog when you are having such a wonderful time. Get that girl an agent she can sing :) So cute!

jill said...

Amanda, cute pictures!! Millie can totally sing, she is so good!! What a doll!!!

lindsay Roscoe said...


Danalisa said...

Awesome Blog post! Love the video!