Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas Magic

side note: I hate blogger today. I have been trying to upload videos and it's not working. Every time I edit, my spacing it changed, it won't safe my spelling corrections either. I am so sick of fixing things that I am just going to leave it as is. Hope if flows and makes sense.)

We didn't make it to any Christmas parties this year. Millie was too high risk wish her ANC being low and sickness being everywhere. We didn't want to chance a hospital stay. She did however get to go to her Christmas program!

Can I just tell you that Amelia is the dang cutest, funniest, smartest, girl around and I just want to squish her perfectly round cheeks every time I see them. I know I'm a little odd, but it's the truth! She was a star in her program. I couldn't stop smiling. I really am one proud mama.

It was during her Christmas program last year that we realized how drastically different Amelia looked from the other kids and that was the day of her 1st blood test. So it was a huge day for all of us! I was emotional to begin with and then when I walked in and saw Mrs. Patti wearing her Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon I about lost it. We are so grateful to Patti. She kept her preschool a safe and clean environment for Millie. I always knew that if I sent Millie to school she would be loved and taken care of. I will forever be grateful for that.

Patti made scarves for all the kids. Millie LOVES hers because it's from Mrs Patti, it's all the colors, and because it's so very soft.

Help Them Grow Old, Wear GOLD

The kids all had a part in reciting, "The Night Before Christmas". They were so cute! Miss Millie had her lines memorized in one try. She's amazing. It was a fabulous Day!
Millie had been so sick and it made it very difficult to see Santa. We finally braved the crowds on December 23rd. Millie was freaking out about getting her list to Santa. Thankfully they let us cut the line and Millie wore her mask while we were there. She only took is off long enough to tell The Big Man what she wanted.

Millie showing him her list;
Snow White Barbie
Unicorn Stick Horse
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Tangled Leapster Game

We threw Austin on his lap the last second and he did GREAT. There was no crying, he just kept staring at him.

Christmas Eve was perfect. Because we knew that things were about to get crazy busy we decided to give our main present to the kids and they could give theirs to us.

Millie LOVES to watch He-man and She-ra. They come on really late so Brady records them for her to watch in the mornings and on nights when she can't sleep it's the only thing that makes her happy. She originally asked Santa for some action figures, but I didn't think we could find any so I talked her out of it. I was excited to find She-ra and Bow at a local antique store, sadly there was no He-Man, so I'll be on the look out. She was so happy! It was her favorite gift. Don't mind if I pat myself on the back for that one.

Austin was so happy to FINALLY be able to open the presents. It had been a long few weeks keeping him away.

After we opened our gifts we headed to the Flamms for Christmas Eve dinner and a gift exchange. We had a beautiful dinner and a wonderful night. Brady and I were very spoiled which was fun too. Brady's main gift was a bike trainer so he can rehab his knee and I got a Wii! There are so many people at the Flamms and it's a little crazy, just like Christmas should be, but I didn't many pictures :(

Santa came, the kids opened presents, we ate sticky buns and then headed to my parents house. It was a perfect day.

Kaylee, Brianna, Millie (Millie's aunt Shelly made the darling skirt she's wearing. she's amazing!)

Millie gave her aunts a Gold Ribbon Magnet for their cars and a key chain to go with it

Millie and I showing off the peals Brady gave us.

My favorite gift was a marble roller that my daddy made. There is nothing better then home made gifts and this one is particularly special to me. I remember playing with one when a was a little girl at my Great Grandma Phoebe's house. It's always the 1st thing the kids go to at my parents. They all love it and now we have our own! I know it is something that will be passed down from generation to generation. Thank you dad. Love you!
We had the most amazing Christmas. I am so grateful to have been able to keep Millie out of the hospital and to have shared the holiday with our whole family. It truly bring into perspective what this season it really about. We also were on the receiving end of some Christmas surprises. One of those being a GIANT box full of the cutest clothes from The Matilda Jane Clothing Company. The Utah trunk keeper, Ashlee, wrote in about our family and because of her sweet note we were one of the many who got a wonderful gift from them. I have always loved their clothing but now I hold them dear to my heart. Not just because of what they did for Millie, but because I know they sent out around 250 other packages just like ours to other kids in need. They are amazing! Thank you so much Ashlee for referring us for their Spread The Love program and thank you Matilda Jane. We can't wait to see the new Spring Line!

We also had a secret Santa. I have never had a secret Santa before and it was truly magical. We never did find out who it was, but it was something the whole family looked forward to every night. Millie had been quarantined a couple days during that time and it really gave her something to look forward to. Thank you to whoever you are. I can not tell you how much it meant to us. Everything you did was so sweet and thoughtful. P.S., we made smores in our fireplace just the other night! YUM!

Thank you everyone for your generosity.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Jesse C said...

So glad to hear it was a good holiday for your family.

Eisha said...

cool! Sounds like a great holiday!

lindsay Roscoe said...

It took a while for me to get a grip the day of her program when you said Patti had on her ribbon. Funny how such a small gesture can create such emotion. My favorite gift was the marble roller also. How come all of these times I talk to you you never tell me of the fun things people do for you guys? I have to learn about them on the blog but I see and talk to you all the time. Twarp[!!

Sare said...

Millie got a She-Ra action figure!? I NEVER got one of those. Kelly G. in my kindergarten class had the whole set of female heros, and I had ZERO. I'm not bitter. It's just hard to forget. Tell Millie she is SO lucky to have that toy!
She-Ra! Princess of Power!!