Friday, 10 December 2010

Clinic Day December 2010

Today was a "starving day" as we call it. This means that Millie went under anesthesia to receive a Lumbar Puncture and she wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything. They inject a drug called Methotrexate into her spinal fluid while she is under. Thankfully she only has to do this every 3 months now that we are in her maintenance stage of treatment.

Before heading down to the Rapid Treatment Unit (RTU) for her procedure we had to check in at clinic; height, weight, blood pressure, chemotherapy in her PORT, a script of steroids, and of course CRAFTS WITH PAT!

Millie getting her blood pressure. She looks so little sitting there.

Her Christmas ornament she worked on while waiting for her Vincristine to arrive from the pharmacy.

She also got a surprise visit from "Ben". He is such a sweet dog.

This picture is ironic to me. Millie is playing like everything is great while her nurse pushes poisons into her central line. I am so grateful I don't have to fight her very often when it comes to getting her PORT accessed and her chemo push, but at the same time I hate that this is routine and normal to her.
After her 1st dose of chemo and on our way to the RTU we ran into one of Amelia's cancer buddies, Cami. She was headed up to start her second round of her most difficult chemo. They are just weeks away from maintenance. HOORAY for the Carver Family! You're almost there!
They were really behind down in the RTU so the Child Life Specialist came in and made a doll with Miss. Millie. She was so cute with her "Millie Doll". If you look really close you can see that she drew rainbows for her eyes. I love my creative little bug.
Listening to her heart.

Millie played with her doll up until her "sleepy time stuff" kicked in and she was out cold.

I hate seeing her that way, just laying there. It breaks my heart.

I snapped these pictures as I was leaving. They don't let us stay to watch the spinal tap.

When I came out I had a nice surprise...BRADY! He didn't get to come with me today because he had his 1st physical therapy appointment after her knee surgery. I was so happy to see him! You never know what Millie you are going to get when she wakes up from anesthesia and it's good to have someone there for moral support.

She woke up scared and confused. She kept saying, "I want my mommy," over and over again.

Even when Millie is upset or scared she does what she has too. She always has. I am so proud of her bravery. Amelia amazes me every day.

Clinic Stats:
Height: 104.7 cm
Weight: 16.7 kg
(about 37 pounds)
ANC: 900
Because she started a new 3 month round of chemo and she has gotten taller and gained some weight they have upped her chemo dose. As long as her ANC stays in between 500-1000 they will continue to up it every 3 months at the start of each new round.


Heidi said...

She is a brave little girl and beautiful too. It breaks my heart to see her crying in those pics. So glad she has such loving parents there to comfort her.

johnjillhuz said...

I cannot believe how much hair she has now. She is so brave and so strong. So are you Amanda!

Ali said...

It's got to be terribly heartbreaking, but wow. She is a champion. So brave. So beautiful.

So you know, we've got appointments to donate blood because of Millie.

Jodi and Tony said...

What a strong, beautiful little girl you have.

keri and taylor said...

Wow that is crazy to see pictures. You are so strong! Millie is such a brave little girl!!

Missy said...

Millie is so brave! I would be nervous to do those things. It's nice there are so many kind people there at the hospital.

Jesse C said...

She is so brave. What a great kid.

Mike and Me said...

She takes after her Grandma no matter how hard or hurt she just keeps doing what she has to.
Of course it helps to have a silly little brother waiting at home.

Love Grandpa

Danalisa said...

She is amazing. you are amazing. hope Brady is feeling better with the PT!

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

Sophie prayed last night for Millie's hair to keep growing back, so we were excited to see the update today with longer thicker hair! Go Millie!

Briana said...

Look at all that beautiful hair!

Those pictures of her waking up after RTU break my heart - poor thing! Nasty anesthesia - so grateful for it, but it sure does make for grumpy kids when they wake up. :)

lindsay Roscoe said...

I hate that it is normal for her too. I hate seeing her laying on that table asleep too. Those pictures of her crying made me cry. She is ALWAYS so BRAVE, the bravest person I have ever known or seen, so to see her sad is just SAD! I hope all goes wee today and she just has a bug. I really hope her headache is better. We love you all! Brady that is a pretty hot picture of you! I hope your knee is doing ok.

Kim and Bryan said...

She is such a cute little thing. I can't believe how well she has done this whole year always being poked and having to drink lots of yucky things. Love you guys!

jill said...

I always cry as I am reading your posts. She is such a strong little girl. Amanda you amaze me at how strong you are!! I always think about you and pray for your family.

Jace/Jess said...

MILLIE IS SO CUTE,SWEET,BEAUTIFUL AND SO SO STRONG! I am so in LOVE with her hair...I cant wait till cami's hair starts to grow back. Im very grateful for you to be in chel and pats life...and friends that know what they are going through. All of you cancer moms all amaze me! hope all is going well....we think of you often and your in our prayers! xoxo