Friday, 8 May 2009

St. George and a a bit of NEWS

Once again I am behind on my posts and I almost didn't put up pictures of our mini vacation to St. George, but we had so much fun that I couldn't pass it up. It was so beautiful up there! We spent our time swimming, eating, and playing at the park. It was my 1st time ever eating at In-n-Out Burger, which was good, but I'm not going to buy a t-shirt or anything.

We also got to catch up with one of my greatest friends. It was so good to see Becca and her family. Her little girl is a cutie!

Greg, Becca, Abby, Me, Brady (Millie refused to get in the picture)
Millie hugging her NEW BABY BOTHER!!! That's right, we're having a BOY!

On our drive back home we decided to go hiking in Zion National Canyon. Brady and I haven't been there since we were kids. It was stunning. I could have posted a million pictures, but since I have to post about New York still I decided to keep this one short.


Danalisa said...

I LOVE that Millie is wearing the Ireland shirt! CUTE! I also LOVE how the only place you are pregnant is your look GORGEOUS! You are glowing! Love your haircut! So excited you are having a boy! Can't wait to read about NYC!!

Shelly said...

Again congrats on the boy! Super fun pictures, and I cannot wait to the the ones you took in New York . . . Have you gotten anything in the mail from us?

Shelly said...
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Heidi said...

Congrats on baby boy- very fun news!