Thursday, 16 April 2009

i LOVE Spring

Now if it would sick around for longer then a day at a time. I can't believe it's been snowing the last couple of days. Monday I got so burned it hurt to move and today I'm wearing a sweater. MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALL READY!
On the few days we did have sun we went to IFA Country store to see the baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys. We like to go around Easter time with the Jager side of the fam it's become a little tradition.
The kids LOVE it.

Brianna, Kaylee, Jager, Millie, Brady, Cyndell
Next we hit up the Flamm's house to play with the baby bunnies at their house. They have 16!
The kidos ADORE them.
Easter was awesome.
We had such a great day filled with family, good foods, and lots of Easter egg hunts. It was busy and I was extremely tired by the time we finally got home.
Here's a couple pictures of our little Ms. in her Easter dress and the bonnet her grandma Jager gave her.
My Little Beauty
My Silly Billy
After church we headed to my parents which Brady already told you about in our last post, but here's some pictures.
The cousins (minus the twins, they were sleeping)

Best Buddies

Jager and Grandpa Jager playing in the tree house.


Scott and Katie said...

It looks like such a fun easter with good family time. Millie really is gorgeous! Yay for the easter bonnet too- I totally always had those growing up. CONGRATS on the baby as well! I'm excited for you guys!

Missy said...

Oh my, those baby animals are so cute! I'm sure the kids just loved them. What a fun Easter.

The Yarn Queen said...

Spring is just around the corner, I hope. Lets cross our fingers.

Heidi said...

Millie is a beautiful little girl!
I love all the baby animals she got to play with!

Danalisa said...

OMG...those are darling pictures of the kids with the eggs and Millie in her bonnet! So sweet! She is a beauty!!

I hear you on the weather...we had sun and warm all last week and this week has been rain rain rain. ugghh

lindsay Roscoe said...

Those are GREAT picyues of is good that she likes to pose and play to the camera. It was a great fun weekend!

Jodi and Tony said...

Millie is SO cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. I love all of your pictures -- your camera is awesome -- what vibrant, clear pics. (And I think the photographer is pretty great too!)

lindsay Roscoe said...

Hello I believe you have news!!

Whitney said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! And what cute little bunnies!!Congrats on your baby news!

Ashlie said...

That looks like such a fun Easter! And I love those baby animal pictures. Millie just looks adorable in them. I bet she'll be the best big sister ever!

The Mirci Family said...

Don't know if I told you congratulations on the new pregnancy, but also congratulations on the boy!! Millie will be a great big sister, show him how to realy treat a lady! Loved to see the NY pics. Wish my mom still lived there sometimes :( Was the monk think (sorry name totally just left my mind) the one with the bread and lavender?!?! If not you need to see that one too! I loved going to Huntsville with my late Grandma Lucille :) Made me think of her. Thanks! Sorry so long to visit, but I think you understand :) Take care of that little man!!