Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Who Knew

We found out there is a Chili's a few towns over from us and we were so excited we jumped in the car and drove an hour just to eat dinner. I was not disappointed! Yum! I was in real need of some "American" food.

Last weekend Brady and I decided to take a special trip to see some animals for Millie but it didn't turn out as planned. Not only was it raining like crazy but it was suppose to take 2 hours to get there and when we had already been driving for that long we hit Holiday traffic; Not Fun. We made a quick decision to ditch the animals and head to Salisbury instead. We went and saw their beautiful cathedral and wandered through the town. Millie napped in the car all the way home but when she woke up she asked where the animals were so we took her to the pet store and called it good. Aren't we great parents. We promise lions and wolfs and settle for rabbits in a cage. Oh well, she didn't seem to mind.

Eisha is home alone right now with her new baby boy, so we had them over for homemade chicken noodle soup. Millie couldn't have been happier to hold baby Thomas. She was so cute.
Brady and I still don't know where we will be settling after we leave Oxford in 5 weeks but we will be heading back to Utah at least for a visit. It's been really hard on me not knowing what is happening next but I know things will work out for the best. He has interviews lined up with a couple different companies and has sent out a ton of applications, including for a job in Bahrain. Yicks!


Chambers Family said...

Yay for American food. Millie is so cute and getting big... sad :(

Danalisa said...

I am sooo jealous and sad that I missed the trip to Salisbury!! I can't wait to see that cathedral! Looks like you have been keeping busy! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Duchess said...

I'm not a big Chili's fan, but I totally get needing the eat American food. In the Philippines even McDonald's sounded pretty good.

I had to look up where Bahrain was. I'll be hoping for Seattle for you sake!

Ben and Missy said...

Millie is getting to be so big! She looks like a little kid now instead of a toddler. Good luck with the job search and keep us all posted!

Heidi said...

Salisbury is my favorite cathedral!! Hilarious you craved Chili's. Once I got food poisoning at one and I can never go back!!

Heidi said...

Oh and have you guys been to Stourhead? It's not too far from Oxford I think, well closer than Salisbury. Look it up online, I think you would like it. Gorgeous gardens!!

Scott & McCall Randall said...

i was looking at your blog with jack on my lap and scott walked by and saw millie in one of the pics.

scott said (to jack): "do you think she is cute?"
jack: "yea"
scott: "are you going to marry her?"
jack: "um, yea"

maybe we should try introducing them first. you think? ha ha.

The Yarn Queen said...

Hey it's good to hear from you. I was wondering when you would be leaving. About the same time Princess P is moving out of her house. 4 weeks now.
Where are you hoping to land or have you gotten that far yet?

Ashlie said...

Yea for Chili's and Yea for Elisa! I don't know her a ton, but she is such a fun person to be around and I bet you guys had the best time being together doing fun things! Wow, I bet it was good to see such a good friend. Love the bike tour too. I bet you saw way more than you would've had you been on foot.

joeandjill said...

Bahrain, are you serious?!!! Do really think you will go there if he gets a job there?!! Well, when you guys come back to Utah, we will have to get together for a girls night out or something!!!