Saturday, 31 May 2008

Warning: Jager Girls On The Loose

I so have not been in the mood to blog, but I had to get some pictures up from this past week since BOTH my SISTERS were here visiting us in Oxford. We had such a great time and we were able to see so much with the help of Brady and his "babysitting" abilities.

The girls arrived Thursday morning and we got settled and toured around Oxford. Friday we went to Bath. Saturday Brady rented a car and drove us to Stratford and also to see the ruins of a castle. Sunday my sisters and I went to London. Monday we shopped all day in Oxford and then Tuesday we toured the colleges. The week went by so fast! And it was amazing to have them here with us. Millie is acting up a little and I think it's cause she missed her aunts. Poor girl. It really was unreal to be able to share my Oxford life with my sisters. It is something I will never forget. Thank you girls and thank you to your husbands for making it all happen. It truly was a once in a life time opportunity for all three of us to be here at once.

Thank you again.

I miss you and I love you.


Codie Lindsay Millie

Lindsay Codie Me

View from St. Michael's Tower (it's the oldest building in Oxford)

Outside Radcliffe Square ( I love this picture and it was funny taking it cause Codie set her timer so we had to try it 10 times before we got one without a person walking through)

Millie "booing the birdies" outside St. Mary's Cathedral

Stratford (Shakespeare's birthplace)

The Castle (Lindsay what was it called again?)


The pictures below are from London

we HEART Harry Potter and YES we made a special trip to see Kings Cross Station with platform 9 3/4 Buckingham gates

Riding the fairy from the London Tower to Big Ben and the London Eye.

This is Brady playing Risk with Tony on the left, Gareth on the right, and Sven taking the picture. Even though it was Brady's first time playing, he dominated the other Merton boys. The classic fist-pump as Brady defeats Gareth to take control of North America.

If you want to see more of our adventures (aka Lindsay) will be posting some soon.


Heidi said...

So fun! When I lived in London both of my sisters came to visit and it's a time we will never forget! I love all the pics.

lindsay Roscoe said...

I miss you and love you too. Blogger is giving me a serious hard time i spent 3 hrs blogging yesterday and it styill wouldn't work..aaahhh!! It saved atleast so hopfully today it will work and let me post. I noticed you were brave and posted your mullet pic, Codie has an even better one we were looking at it yesterday and we ALL had a good laugh. We might send it into leno for the best"wind blown" mullet award hehehhe! Give that Millie girl kisses i miss her

Princess P said...

Looks like a blast, luv your wellies.

lindsay Roscoe said...

Thanks for putting up that scary top pic of me. Payback could be coming!!hehehe

Duchess said...

Oh that looks like SO much fun. I guess I am going to have to move to England to get my sister to go there.

The Mirci Family said...

I have some pics of me 8 years ago in many of the exact same places!! Ahhh!! Was it just the time of your life?!?! Stories you can share forever!! It's important to visit the ones you love when they are elsewhere. (hint, hint Lindsay) That's when you get your most cherrished memories and stories. Thank the lord for modern technology!! Can't wait for Lindz to get hers up.

Ashlie said...

Oh, that is great. I'm so glad your sisters were able to come over. You're right, that is a once in a liftetime thing. Love it!

Grant and Catherine Smith said...

So Fun! Millie is getting so big! She is so dang cute. Do you know what your plans are yet after graduation?

Ames Family said...

I am SO homesick to be back in England I can hardly stand it. Stratford, Stonehenge, Bath, Kings Cross....Jag what a cool thing to have your sisters there!! SO FUN!

The Yarn Queen said...

Oh what a great experience. So much fun. Love seeing you guys all together.
I bet you're suffering sister withdrawal. I had baby and daughter withdrawal when Megan left.
Thanks for blogging though and sharing all the fun adventures. Give Brady a hug for being a super sitter and travel guide etc.