Thursday, 6 March 2008

"Home Again Home Again Jiggy Jog"

Millie and I just returned back to the UK from our 3 week visit to Utah and I thought I would share some pictures with ya'll. We were sick a lot of the time, but we defiantly had fun in between flu's and colds.
Hope you all enjoy.
Jager with Oliver Millie with Oscar
Millie LOVED playing with the twins! She thought it was the best thing in the world when she would get to hold a baby.
My sweet sisters decided they would spend Valentines Day with Millie and I So all the girls, their honeys and kids headed to the Skybox for some din din.
Our first weekend in town we were able to join the Flamm Family for some snowmobiling at the Ranch. Both Millie and I got a pretty nasty cold but we had a great time anyway. Millie loved the "motorcycle". She would have ridden the snowmobiles all day if I had been feeling up to it. Carly and her friend took Millie, Abbie and Hannah to see their favorite horse Bruno and Millie was able to go for a short ride. We love the Ranch!
(sorry the pictures are so some, I don't know what happened)
Millie's cousins Abbie and Hannah
Millie on Bruno
Millie, Abbie, Hannah
Millie and Mommy
Uncle Bry and Abbie
(thanks Bry for taking pictures for us!)
Since Codie doesn't work on Mondays we decided to take advantage of her time so we sent the day at Gardner Village. Millie screamed during most of lunch, but we had a good time despite her tantrums.
Brianna and Cyndell striking a pose The kids playing Simon Says. It was cute to watch Millie and Jager play with the older girls.
While having lunch in Bountiful at Codie's house Kaylee decided to show us her hula hooping skills and us moms needed in on the action!
I could actually do it! I could even spin in circles!
Codie didn't have as much luck...
Lindsay got it with some added fancy leg action. Go Girl Go!

Millie always loves playing with Nana's matching Quilt. I love this picture, you can really see how much they love each other.

I was really lucky to be in town for the Flamm Card night. We really made some extra cute cards this go around.

Nancy, Melanie, and Carly working away
Aunt Carly, Me, Nana, Grandma Ellsworth (Millie's great grandma)

Lilly, Cyndell, and Millie hanging out at Aunt Lindsay's house

The last week I was in town it was the Rosecrest 1st ward annual Basketball Tournament. It's the BEST! The whole ward past and present, young and old, member or nonmember gets together to help the Young Women make some money for their girls camp. It includes a lot of laughs, some good B-ballin and a ton of fantastic food.

Jager and Millie watch Aunt Lindsay work her stuff
Lindsay getting ready to steal the ball from the Bishop's wife

Oscar on the other hand wasn't too interested in the game.

Playing in the hot tub at Grandma Jager's (don't worry she turns it down for the little ones!)

I was so happy to find a little extra time to see two of my favorite girls. Carly volunteered to watch Millie for a few hours so she could get some one on one time with her before we headed back and I was able to get some lunch and catch up with old friends.
While we were there I had some guy come up to me and say I was a twin to his sister. It was pretty funny and Mary took a picture of us together so he could email his sister. He sent us a picture of his sister too and I wasn't as convinced as he was, although we did have the same eyes.

Mary, Me, Elisa

We're going to the Zoo zoo zoo
The Twins

She's getting so big
Millie loves, loves, loves cats and it was so sweet to see her snuggling with Jasper the day before we left. Cute cute.

Well we had a fantastic visit and although I was sad to have to cancel with a few people because of all out illness' we made the most of our time and saw our families and a few friends. We are so grateful for all your love and support and we can't wait to see you all again.

Love you!


Heidi said...

How nice to have so much time with family! Everytime I visit SLC it's like two days! Although I don't live on the other side of the world so I guess it's different ;-). I love card nights! And what is Elisa up to these days?

The Mirci Family said...

Love the one of Lindsay playing basketball! Man...I missed card night last night...It's so fun. But I never want to use the cards though, I seem to want to save them for some reason. Welcome back to England! I'm looking forward to your future travels. Did you think 3 weeks was to long in Utah? We might do 2 this summer. But I'm thinking that might be too long? Oh, and that baby (Oliver?) is as big as Millie!

Jeremy said...

Welcome back (to blogging!). Good to see a new post!

Danalisa said...

WOW! Looks like you had a great time! I love the new haircut!! It looks so pretty there in Utah! What is card night...looks like fun! Can't wait to catch up in person...welcome back!

lindsay Roscoe said...

Ok we sure had a good visit didn't we?! It is wierd to have you gone again I have to readjust all over again..sad!! I am not stealing the ball from Linda I am protecting her so the other team can't get it from her. I would never "steal the ball from the bishops wife" silly girl. She actually was a pretty feisty player. It was FUN FUN FUN I loved playing I am only good at fowling but I still love to play. I love the "she got it" pic of the 2 I think that is one of my favorite. And I kicked A__ at the hula hooping!! That was afun day too wasn't it?! I LOVE YOU SISTER and very muchh lokk forward to see you guys again so the count down begins.

Darbee and Zach said...

I'm glad you had a nice trip...sad that we never had the chance to get together. Did you make it to see Dr. Stewart? Just curious. It looks like you guys had fun! Good Luck with everything back in're ALMOST done! What are your plans for after?

Scott and Katie said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! How nice to spend time with family! I loved all the great pictures!