Monday, 24 March 2008

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Easter has always been my favorite holiday and I loved it this year as well although it was different...

1st being away from home means that I actually had to cook an Easter breakfast (usually we go to my mom's for a D-LICIOUS brunch and to the Flamm's for an equally yummy dinner).

2nd I made some pancakes since we didn't have a ton of time before heading to church. While putting the jam away I managed to drop the bottle and I had raspberry glass mess all over my kitchen. Not Fun! Brady and Millie headed out to church without me and when I went to leave I couldn't...Brady had locked me in the house!

3rd we woke up to yet another snow storm. It's the third one this week and the 1st time we have seen snow here at all. What happened to Spring?

We did have a great day and Millie LOVED Easter! I think she liked it more then Christmas because of all the treats. I have never seen anyone eat a peep so fast! They make me gag, but thanks Nancy for sending them to us. Brady and Millie sure love them! The weather did get better as the day went on and we were able to go on a walk and have some good quality family time.

Happy Easter!

With a whole peep in her mouth!

Millie giving Brady a kiss in hopes of another peep Playing Puzzles with Mommy
Our Family

Millie rocking her new shades from the Easter Bunny

Monday Millie and I played dress up and did a little dancing. Sorry everyone I didn't get any footage of me shakin my groove thing, only Millie.

The daring little dog in the video clip is"Cocolicious" she belongs to our friends The McGills. Jodi had their sweet little boy Gerald "Wryer" McGill a little over a week ago and since Wryder was early he is going to be in the hospital for awhile longer. He was born at 32 weeks and he is very strong for such a little guy. Wryder is a head of the curve and doing great! All his tubes are out minus the feeding. He still needs to learn how to eat on his own.

We are so excited for Tony and Jodi and we can't wait to meet your little man.


Duchess said...

hmmm- those flats must be tricky. I've never lived somewhere that you could get locked IN, locked out, oh more times that I'd like to admit, but never locked out.
I used to think those little tiny premies were amazing. Now my heart breaks when I see such a small one. Good luck to your friends.

lindsay Roscoe said...

Jager says "bye Millie" "hers is funny". That was cute and I am amazed at beautiful and well Jodi and Tonys little one is doing.

Ben and Missy Ames said...

I love Millie's little dutch dress. She looks so cute in it!

lindsay Roscoe said...

here comes your SISTERS!!!!!!!!!

Jodi & Tony said...

awe, you are sweet to put pics up of the fam. Thanks yet again for watching Coco and for the dee-lish meals. Dinner just isn't the same without your cooking :)