Thursday, 6 December 2007

Whirl Wind

Okay, so I really haven't been in the blogging mood the past week and now I have a lot to catch you all up on. I know you have all been dying to see what we have been up to! Last Wednesday Millie and I went with Danalisa and Owen up to Rhyme Time at the Library. Millie was being a bully and we almost had to leave, but once they started singing her favorite song "Twinkle Twinkle" she calmed down, told everyone sorry and we had a good time. It's so fun to watch her sing and dance; Beat up on the other kids, not so much...

Thursday Kristina, Danalisa, and I went to the park to let the kids play and after we headed into a little pub called The Holly Bush. Sadly Jodi couldn't join us because she had a baby appointment. While we were there we met a sweet, yet crazy old man that stunk incredible bad. He claimed to be mates with Rockefeller, to know all the old time movie actors in High Noon, and best of all to have written the old Maverick. Sadly the real writer died in 2002. He had Albert Einstein hair, a fluffy silk scarf around his neck and plaid from head to toe. Our waitress assured us he was harmless. He was fascinated by Millie and kept comparing her to Grace Kelly. Good Times.
Friday was the Business' School end of the term "happy hour". I wandered over with Millie and waited for Brady to get out of a presentation. We basically sat around eating crisps and then headed home. It wasn't worth getting out of my pjs and wandering over in the rain, but oh well. Kristina-Me-Danalisa
Tuesday Connie came over and we had another knitting lesson and then Jodi, Danalisa and I/Millie headed into some town (I don't remember the name) to do some shopping for Christmas. They were outlet stores so we were stoked to find some good deals! Oh wait we were totally wrong, they were outlets, but for high end retail. I'd tell you the names, but I can't spell them! It was pretty funny. The one cheap thing we found were these lovely jeans Jodi is modeling for us. Hum, is it a little strange to anyone else that they are made to be that bow legged? WOW!
Wednesday night we headed over to Merton as a family to hear a young adults choir from Australia. They sang so beautifully! It really was amazing to sit in Merton's chapel and hear their voices bounce off the walls. Sadly you could also hear Millie's voice bounce off the walls, so Brady took her home and I was able to stay and listen awhile longer.

Present day. Sven scored us ticket to the Oxford vs Cambridge rugby game and we had a blast. Kristina and Danalisa watched Millie for us since the game was in London. Unfortunately we lost but it was fun all the same. Thanks to all those who helped out today!

Brady and Me on our way to the game. I bought my hat at the "outlet" stores, it was our only purchase.

Adam, Gareth, Brady, Sven

Us with Tony and Jodi in the background. I don't think I watched more then a minute of the second half because I was talking to Jodi the whole time. It was nice to have some good old girl talk.

The stadium can seat 82,000 people!

Sven, Brady, Gareth

Danalisa emailed this picture of Millie to me. She took it while we were out. I love that little girl!!!

Brady's finals are next week so hopefully you will hear a little something from him soon! We have some fun things planned for the holidays, so you will have to stay tuned to the Flamm channel.

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Mike and Me said...

oh my it is so amazing how much Millie is starting to look like her mother! She will fit right in in Italy with those bushy eyebrows they will think she's just a little Italian girl.
Less than one week to your birthday! Life has been a whril wind I can't believe my BABY is getting more beautiful every day. And by the way Brady seems to be getting more and more handsome all the time... Got a Pretty good catch there little missy.

Danalisa said...

Love the hat!! The town was Bicester with the non-outlets. I Loved your description of the crazy pub man! LOL

lindsay Roscoe said...

Not a dull moment when it comes to Millie. The pants, what in the world!? I also love the hat it is way cute! It was in Oct that we found ot mom was going to England, that time has flown the next 2 months will fly too. Millie you are silly!!

Mike and Me said...

I can't believe we have a Groucho Marks in the family. We can look forward to always being in stitches if it last. You and Brady look just like a couple of college kids imagine that. Your adventures are thrilling and I can't wait for the story to continue.
Love Dad