Thursday, 13 December 2007

My little helper

Thank you so much for all your thoughts on my birthday Tuesday. I really had a wonderful day. Brady had two finals, but I was able to spend the afternoon with friends. We had knitting in the morning and then Jodi, Danalisa and Kristina took me to lunch and got a giant birthday cookie! When I got home there were presents everywhere! My sweet parents sent me a sweater (the one I'm wearing) and some jewelry. They also surprised me with the most beautiful flowers! Later that day my mom told me to check my emails and she also sent for the new Ugg's! So cute! They were on Opera's "Favorite Things". I got them Wednesday and I absolutely love them. All of my wonderful in laws sent gifts when Nancy came to visit in November. I got more jewelry, an umbrella, a purse, and money from Jeff and Nancy. Although Brady was completely stressed out he still managed to get a cake, take me to dinner and surprise me with a trip to the day spa. I actually went with the girls today and got a massage and spent the afternoon in their "relaxation" room. It was wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your thoughts. I got so many calls and emails and I really felt all of your love. It was a very Happy Birthday.


lindsay Roscoe said...

Sorry I didn't get to send something. Love you still though!

The Mirci Family said...

Sounds like a birthday to die for. So fun and relaxing! Happy Bithday!

Mike and Me said...

I love you, there is nothing more I can say than that you are my precious baby girl and I missed you on that day so much. I wanted so much for it to be as special as the time in your life right now is. Happy Birthday.