Friday, 30 December 2011

Clinic December 2011

Millie had clinic a few weeks ago, but I am just getting to blog about it. Everything went as normal, but her ANC was still only 700 on a 50% dose so they decided not to up her dose and do a blood check in 2 weeks. Her docs would really like her to get a little more chemo in her system before she's done in February, but her little body is saying NO.

Aunt Codie got to come!

I still need to take Millie's hair picture for her December update, YICKS I'm behind, I will have to add those in a day or so when I get it done.

Clinic Stats

Height: 11.1 cm

Weight: 20.1 kg

ANC: 700

Two Weeks later our home health nurse, Dylan came out to do Millie's blood work. Her ANC was now 800, but they still weren't comfortable upping her dose so we will wait until her January clinic appointment before making any changes. We did find out that her red blood cells were low and with how pale she has been they decided to do a blood transfusion. The girl is trying to keep things interesting for her last couple months of treatment and I wished she'd knock it off already :).

From the bag...

Through the filter...

To Miss Millie.

Thank you to the random stranger that donated so Millie could have a good Christmas, and Thank you to Andy and Nancy for babysitting Austin last minute. I don't know what I would do without the help of my family.

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Piano Mom said...

I love the miss-matched socks! I sure hope her ANC come up so she can get finished ontime and get through with all of this. I can't wait to see the pictures of her hair.