Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Last December for my birthday Cousin Sherry gave me a trip to Boston and we finally got to go. I love the Fall, it's my favorite time of year. I am so glad we waited to go until October. Sherry's sister, Krissy, attends Harvard University and also works there. She has been in the area for around 9 years now and she was the perfect hostess. Krissy knows everything there is to know about Boston.

The first night we arrived pretty late so we headed to dinner at a place called Fire and Ice. The service wasn't that great, but once we figured out what we were doing we all loved it. I would definitely recommend it. We also stopped by a cupcake shop called Sweet. BEST cupcakes ever. Their frosting is like nothing else I have ever had. Truly perfect.

Saturday morning we woke up and hit up a place called The Friendly Toast. Oh my goodness it was amazing. The restaurant itself is pretty quirky and the menu was extremely unique. I ordered Gingerbread Pancakes with Pomegranate Molasses. I'm actually not a huge ginger fun, but I couldn't pass these babies up. You can check out their menu here.

Me and Cousin Sherry

Me and Krissy

After filling our bellies we went home cleaned ourselves up a bit and headed out to Bolton Spring Farm for some apple picking. So fun! Then we walked across the street to get some fresh Apple Crumble, Cold Cider, and rummage through the local market. If you can't tell already a lot of our trip was based around food so next we drove to Kimball Farms and tried out their famous ice cream. There was NO room in my belly, but I still managed to force down the best Burnt Almond Fudge I've ever had.

At this point we waddled our behinds to the car and drove to Waldon Pond where we spent the afternoon wading in the cool water. I loved seeing all the locals swimming. Next time I will be packing my swim suit. I know we are dressed for cooler weather in our scarves and boots, but it was in the 80's. Who Knew...

Cousin Sherry, Me, Krissy

That night we went to dinner at a place called, Punjabi Dhaba. I LOVE me some good Indian food and this place hit the spot. Here in good ol' Utah when you go get Indian it's usually at a really nice restaurant with white table clothes, not very authentic. This place on the other hand had Bollywood music blasting, it was full of locals, and the food was served on a metal tray. For dessert we walked down the street a bit and got more ice cream at Christiana's Homemade Ice Cream.

I am one happy and FULL girl :)

Sunday we woke up early and attended our church meeting, took a peek at Jennifer Gardner (my girl crush), and Ben Affleck's home, then we headed to Topsfield for the longest running fair in the county. The fair is my favorite. I love the people, rides, food, the giant veggies, and all the randomness that comes along with it.

We made a last minute decision to stop through Salem on our way back and I am so glad we did. There is a lot of history in Massachusetts, but Salem is different. It's difficult for my mind to wrap around what really happened there with the witch trials, but it was very interesting to wander through the town. When we pulled in there were booths set up everywhere, and people decked out in their witch attire. It was so fun, but strange all at the same time. Salem was one of my favorite things we saw, but I also felt a tiny guilty for enjoying it's mystery.

Salem, Massachusetts

For dinner we got take out pizza at Otto Pizza in Harvard Square and since we were so close we couldn't resist trying a new flavor of cupcake from Sweet, again.

Sunday = Duck Tour of the city, eating at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, resting at the Harbor, shopping at H&M, and then the best night of eats yet! Little Italy is a must!

Mike's Pastry had the BEST cannoli I've had in my life. I even packed one home for my dadio.

If you are ever in Boston you HAVE to eat at Giacomo's. We were all dying over their delicious food. My favorite was the Pumpkin Tortellinis and Garlic Broccoli. Get there early or you'll wait all night for a table (totally worth it even if you do have to wait)!

My mouth has started watering just thinking about their yummy food.

***Thank you Cousin Sherry for taking me and thank you Krissy for giving us a place to stay and touring us around all weekend. You both are amazing. Can't wait till next time!


Kristina said...

Wow, what a fun trip! You are making me miss Boston! And I find it funny that I lived in Massachusetts for 22 years and never made it to the Topsfield fair but you have, haha. You sure had some awesome guides!

Kat said...

So FUN! I am glad you got to enjoy our state ;)
I wish I didn't read this on an empty stomach though lol!

Danalisa said...

sounds amazing!! But definitely full of food! LOL

Missy said...

Haha! So delicious. For me traveling is all about the food too. What a nice trip! :)