Thursday, 5 March 2009

Good Crap

We FINALLY got our Internet hooked up today! HOORAY! I have a lot of post to catch up on with all of you and will hopefully get some blogging done myself.
Millie and I are both recovering from the flu, but other then that things are pretty dang good. I'll try to get some new pictures up soon.


Danalisa said...

I have missed that phrase "good crap" are the only one i know who says it. LOL

glad you are back online!! can't wait to see pics! feel better!

keri and taylor said...

Welcome back! I have struggled lately with the whole blogging thing as well, but I don't have an excuse! Hope to hear from you more often!

The Roe Family said...

Honeslty Amanda post some pictures j/k. good luck with the new house and hope you feel better

Mike and Me said...

Amanda is there really such a thing as good crap. Now maybe you had better go get some soap.