Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas Day!

Santa came! (don't worry all those presents aren't just for Millie).
Christmas was so fun this year. Millie was really into it and she was so thankful for all her new toys. It was so fun getting ready for the big day. After we opened our gifts we headed over to the Jager's house to have brunch and opened MORE presents. It's tradition in my family for us all to gather and open our stocking together. It's my favorite. I LOVE getting my stocking.
Millie's PINK kitchen
Millie got Jager a new gun

Brady can't help but tease the kids. He was getting ready to throw Brianna in the snow.

Millie and her Grandma Jager

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lindsay Roscoe said...

The picture of Jager is great with the "old" looking furniture.