Sunday, 13 April 2008

"We Are A Happy Family"

Millie sings "We are A Happy Family" like 500 times a day!
April has already brought us a lot of adventures and it's only just begun. The best part is I found out both my sisters are going to come and visit us in May!!! HURRAY!!! I can't wait.
It's been so nice having Brady home the last few weeks, we are really going to miss him! School starts back up tomorrow and his Environmental Conference is also tomorrow. I am so excited for him and I can't wait to see all his hard work come together.
Here are some random pictures of the past few weeks...
We woke up last week to SNOW! It's the 1st snow storm we have seen since we've been here. It didn't stick around, but it was fun while it lasted.

I'm sure you all know by now that Millie LOVES the backyardigans! Her sweet Nana sent her this little lunch box and she uses it to tot around all her favorite books. We can't go anywhere without it. Thanks Nancy for all the fun gifts!

Having fun in the sun.

This past Friday we decided to rent a car and take a day trip to see Stonehenge. It was pretty cool to see and Millie loved "the rocks". Stonehenge is one of those mysteries of life. They aren't 100% sure what it was used for and they have no idea how 5,ooo years ago the people were able to get these stones from Wales and get them to stay standing up right. Most the stones weigh as much as 7 adult male elephants! Pretty Cool.

There were yellow flower fields all over the place! It was so beautiful and they seemed to go on and on.
"The Magic Roundabout"

Take a good look at the sign...It's a bunch of roundabouts inside a roundabout. It was quite possible the scariest moment of my life. Brady kept us a life and we some how made it through although we had no idea what the heck was going on!

A cute little town in the Cotswold district. Millie loved all the ducks and bridges.


Heidi said...

Two summers ago Ben and I visited that exact same little town and have photos on those bridges- I think it is called Burton on the Water or something? It was a hot summer day and the whole town was out playing in the river. I love all the pics!

Princess P said...

You take great pics! Thanks for letting all of us live through you.

lindsay Roscoe said...

I want to see the yellow flowers that was beautiful. Cotswolt that is where we are going. I am excited to drive in England I know Brady will be doing the driving but I think I would like to have a go at it. You wouldn't deny me an expiernce would you?!hehe. STonhednge loks awsome 5oooyrs huh? CRAZY!!You never told me it was abday present I didn't even know it was coming...all your fault all your fault!

Chambers Family said...

It is good to hear from you! Millie is a doll! You guys look great...Seems like all is going good for your family. Are you ever going to be state bound again?!?! Yay for USA.. xoxo

Ashlie said...

Love the cute pictures too. I'm sure you guys loved the snow (since it was the only snow you've seen for awhile). I however, am ready for it to move on.

The Mirci Family said...

Pretty meadow picture! Did you see that stupid "wood hednge" thing right by there? Maybe it's not there anymore. It was some sort of mock the stone hednge thing. I don't know...everyone was walking all over wood stump things...anyhoo...pretty meadow.

Liz said...


I'm so glad you jumped on my blog and now I totally have yours! Your daughter is adorable and I'm so jealous you are our and about having so much fun!!
I might be over there sometime in September because of my job. I will keep you posted if I head out there!

Scott & McCall Randall said...

those pics are so gorgeous! i know i probley say this on every post, but you are so lucky to live there and do so many fun things. most of us only get a 10 day vacation to a place like that (maybe not even most of us).

thanks for the caring e-mail. i am doing well. just can't wait to get through this pregnancy and be back to normal again.

Justin and Emily said...

Hi, this is Emily Bettilyon, I went to HS with Brady. I love those pictures of the English countryside, its soo beautiful. It looks like you guys LOVED Ireland. We are planning a trip in August and wondered if I could pick your brain a little. Mainly about which region you stayed in and your absolute favorites! Its so fun to see your travels. It looks like other then school, your having the time of your lives. :)

Again thank you, I hope this isn't too wierd.

Jesse C said...

I'm pretty Jealous. I have to get back to England. Great photos, Millie is so dang cute. Good luck with school Brady.

Mike and Me said...

Wow, you have a magical life! what great pictures, and adventures. I love you.