Monday, 8 October 2007

Merton College

The Merton Boys. Although it's not the best picture we thought you'd want to see Brady's Merton buddies; Gerath (Originally from South Africa, recently Australia) Sven (Germany, Brady couldn't be more pleased!)
There are two more of them, but this was the 1st time they met and the other guys weren't in town yet.

I thought this flower was cool.
Merton Quad
Merton Campus
Merton Chapel
This isn't Merton College, but we were sure happy to have Brady's cousin Dustin come visit us for a few days! Millie thought Dustin was her uncle Cody and she called Dustin that the whole time he was with us.


Hallie said...

Yea now we can keep an eye on you guys! JK

lindsay said...

Please tell Brady he is a dorkus!!

Jeremy said...


Welcome, welcome!

Please keep in touch and we'll do likewise!

Heidi said...

Amanda I am so glad you started this. I have been to that campus a few times and think it is gorgeous! I hope you guys enjoy your time in England!!

missyames said...

What a beautiful campus!! It looks like Hogwarts! It makes everything look so regal and important.